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Freeload: Lindstrom + Prins Thomas, "Rothaus (Groove Edit)" MP3


Masters of stoner dance jams Lindstrom and Prins Thomas linked up to record II, and are releasing "Rothaus (Groove Edit)'" into the wild. It is ideal for all the things you might do while relaxing. While the dudes might occasionally dip too far into the doobie disco well and coming out impenetrable, this song succeeds on its live drumming—the perfect accompaniment for when you're sitting in a lawn chair and really want to dance by subtly shifting your feet side-to-side. It's a non-movement movement!

Download: Lindstrom + Prins Thomas, "Rothaus (Groove Edit)"

Posted: May 22, 2009
Freeload: Lindstrom + Prins Thomas, "Rothaus (Groove Edit)" MP3