Cass McCombs - "Dreams Come True Girl" (Featuring Karen Black)

Filmed entirely at the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA, the idea for Cass McCombs' video for the first single from his forthcoming LP Catacombs [June 8 UK / July 7 US on Domino] was based on characters from an original screenplay written by McCombs and director Aaron Brown. Brown himself playing a "Demiurge", a supernatural being that controls time and space, as well as the actions of McCombs and Ms. Karen Black.

In the words of Aaron Brown, director:

"It was really inspiring working with friends and collaborators which allowed for a lot to happen in a little amount time, and to try out different ideas inspired by our original script. Karen, of course, was an inspiration and joy and has a spectacular camera presence that she carries wherever she goes. I hope the video makes people want to listen to the song a lot, it's both deep and playful and I hope the video adds a third dimension to form some kind of trinity. We listened to that song about 50 times that day and I like it more than ever."

Cass McCombs - "Dreams ComeTrue Girl" (Featuring Karen Black)

Cass McCombs - "Dreams Come True Girl" (Featuring Karen Black)