Lady Sovereign Walks Off Stage In San Fran

Notorious fusbol player and perpetually drunk rapper Lady Sovereign boggled our minds when three songs, a furry hat, and a bucket of Red Vines later, she walked off stage during a Popscene show (in case you missed our live Tweet of it while it was going down). The English MC cited sound problems as the source of her frustration, constantly cursing at the people who run venue Rickshaw Stop, then vowing never to play there again.

Backed by only pre-recorded music and wearing a hat that resembled a cat’s head, the 23-year old walked around on stage between the three songs she performed, complaining of microphone feedback. At one point she also started handing out Red Vines from a large container to the audience before chucking the whole bucket into the crowd, stating that it might hurt people but she wasn’t “too concerned.”

After stating that her concerns were not being properly addressed, Sovereign then left the stage to return a few minutes later to perform half a song before throwing another tantrum and exiting for good. Outside, we heard concert attendees use colorful language about their disappointment for paying for a show that included 15 minutes worth of performance, which we empathize with.

Sovereign also looked out into the crowd to ask if her “silly cunt” friend was in attendance, which was in reference to a beef she got into with a San Francisco MC who dresses like a donut the last time she was in SF. No sightings of a donut, but you can read all about that jelly incident here.

The rapper also pulled a similar stunt in Seattle last Thursday, where she was scheduled to perform at an in-store at EastEasy Street Records but left the stage after one song, also drunk. What is the deal?

Lady Sovereign Walks Off Stage In San Fran