Pygmy Shrews – "Shame Canal"

Pygmy Shrews
[Photo by Nate Dorr]

Combining the drummer of Drunkdriver (Jeremy Villalobos) and the avant noise guitar work of Zs (Ben Greenberg) with the bass and vocals of Tia Vincent leaves you with the newest insurgent into the revivalist Brooklyn hardcore scene; Pygmy Shrews.

Total disclaimer. I actually just really like this song (check out the chorus at about the 1:40 mark), but my friend Nate Dorr has done a much better job of writing about Pygmy Shrews. So in the meantime, I’ll leave you with some noteworthy tid bits about musical expectations and if you’d like to know more, I suggest checking out Nate’s piece.

Pygmy Shrews debut album The Egyptian will be out this summer on Wantage USA, also home to the likes of Japanther, Big Business, and the Oxes (RIP), while the Big Time cassette is available now through their MySpace.

Pygmy Shrews – “Shame Canal”

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