Fox News Is Getting (Even More) Fucked Up


CBC News in Canada is reporting that Damian Abraham bka Pink Eyes, frontman for Toronto hardcore luminaries Fucked Up, has agreed to become more of a regular on Fox News program, Red Eye.

That show might be better known for the Red Bull interview antics of host Greg Gutfeld, who as it turns out, named Fucked Up's excellent The Chemistry of Common Life his favorite disc of the year. A hulking presence in his own right, Abraham had previously made appearances on the show and the bizarro union comes as something of a surprise considering the gap between worldviews, Mr. Eyes a world apart from the staunchly -- some might say to an unsettling degree -- conservative bent with which Fox News tends to direct its coverage. "It's one of those things where do you take this ridiculous opportunity as it's presented to you, or do you avoid it and just continue on with your life?" Abraham is reported as saying. "That's sort of the internal struggle I'm dealing with." So weird.

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Fox News Is Getting (Even More) Fucked Up