New Music Thursday - Twin Crystals


Yup, we did it. We were able to find two new Crystal bands in consecutive weeks. Last week it was the Euro-dance Kitsune product Crystal Fighters, this week it's Vancouver's psychedelic-punk-pioneers Twin Crystals. But don't be scared off by the name.

Like every good "crystal" band, they have a synth-aesthetic, but the stereotypes stop there. They add a bit of the synth-punk made famous by bands like The Death Set or Team Robespierre to a dissodent backdrop of psychedelic fusion more akin to fellow Canadians DD/MM/YYYY. Featuring members of Modern Creatures, they are part of a burgeoning Vancouver punk scene that includes bands like Shearing Pinx, Nu Sensae and the Defektors, yet embody more of a universal sound that would also go over well with the bong tokers (hey, it's Vancouver) and the dance kids in addition to the punks. That's marketability baby!

Their self-titled LP was recently released on Needs More Ram Records and is getting critical praise abound, while their split 10-inch with Night Wounds is quite possibly one of the coolest vinyl releases we've seen (they were cut on acetate blanks from 1941). This track, "Two Girls", actually comes from their Separated Birth EP. We recommend them all.

Twin Crystals - "Two Girls"

New Music Thursday - Twin Crystals