Video Premiere: Cubic Zirconia “Fuck Work” + Dam-Funk Remix

As far as supergroups go, we’re not really that about it (megalomaniacs rarely work well together), but we’ve been itching to hear Cubic Zirconia‘s new stuff for months. The power quartet that is vocalist Tiombe Lockhart, Nick Hook (of Drop the Lime band), Todd Weinstock (ex-Glassjaw!) and Daud Sturdivant (empath, every band needs one) granted our wishes over the weekend while we were BBQing by dropping this little video heatrock on us. To amp the awesome, they also offered a stream of “Fuck Work”‘s killer Dam-Funk remix, coming from their EP out June 22. We sense a summer mantra…

Stream: Cubic Zirconia, “Fuck Work (Dam-Funk Remix)”

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