Ton Loc Collapses On Stage, Rushed To Hospital

If we had any word on whether this was a serious matter or not, we would be inclined to make some "Funky Cold Medina" joke. But since we still don't have any idea the cause of his collapse, all jokes will be held until a later time.

From Perez Hilton (yeah, we know):

Our former Celebrity Rap Superstar buddy seemed to be somewhat unconscious and had to be taken away in an ambulance. As for the reason he collapsed, no one's quite sure what happened.

During his performance, Tone did make several remarks about the humidity and the heat at the open-air club.

Club officials wouldn't comment on the situation. Though, according to one of the Escambia County Sheriff’s deputies working security at the show, it seems Tone has a history of seizures.

Read the full account here.

Ton Loc Collapses On Stage, Rushed To Hospital