Yet Another Reason Why Spencer Moody Is Awesome

[Photo from i wish god were alive to see this]

Filed under what Seattle's alt-weekly The Stranger called "Show Review/Shit Talk/Sasquatch," writer Eric Grandy gushed wildly about last weekend's Murder City Devils set at Sasquatch.

But not just because MCD set the place on fire. Frontman Spencer Moody did a number on the frat boy set he saw peppered throughout the crowd, saying "we play these shows in front of a lot of people, and I see a lot of gross, disgusting high school jocks in the audience. But what we do is for all the beautiful faggots, and the rest of you can all eat a big bowl of wet dicks." Makes you wonder how many bands think that but never say it, right?

Check out more of Moody's rantings here.

Oh, and check out Spencer shooting a gun here.

Yet Another Reason Why Spencer Moody Is Awesome