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Freeload: A Bunch of Songs From Urban Outfitters


Fans of good music and haters of vowels, come together and partake in Urban Outfitters latest URBN LSTN thing, in which they give away a crapload of free songs from a bunch of artists, some of whom have been given full endorsement by us in the pages of FADER Magazine and right here on this webternet site. Artists such as Grizzly Bear, Crystal Antlers, Apostle of Hustle, Passion Pit, The Big Pink, Amazing Baby, Jeremy Jay, Major Lazer, Popo, Lemonade, Nite Jewel, Phoenix and many more whose songs we've already posted here! It's almost like they're stealing from us! It's almost like we should get compensated in some way! It's almost like they should send over lifetime gift cards so we can stop wearing dirty t-shirts and duct tape shoes!

Download: URBN LSTN #5

Freeload: A Bunch of Songs From Urban Outfitters