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RCRD LBL Freeload: Nisennenmondai, "Destination Tokyo"

Our Japanese friends in Nisennenmondai just played some shows in Europe. Thanks a lot for skipping America, jerks! Europe already has Can and Faust. We got nothing! You think Brooklyn and LA know how to do this? Well, maybe, but it's not the same. Maybe Chicago. Yeah, Chicago. So you can skip Chicago, but at least come to New York (LA takes second, as always). Anyway, the unfurling title track from their upcoming Destination Tokyo is a psychedelic swirl of progressive rock and electric buzz. It will also make you play air drums. Imagine if this is what Gwar sounded like, not just acted like. Eighth grade would have been so much cooler.

RCRD LBL Freeload: Nisennenmondai, "Destination Tokyo"