Touch and Go Zine Resurrected As Coffee Table Book

Christmas has come early for indie rock and hardcore historians. Rather, it will be coming next year. According to Bazillion Points, The complete collection of now legendary fanzine Touch and Go will be released as a softcover book in 2010. The zine, written by Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson, enjoyed a short life span between 1979 and 1983 with 22 issues to show for it. With stories featuring bands such as Black Flag, the Misfits, and Minor Threat, the Touch and Go chronicles of hardcore music will surely be an interesting read with over 20 years in between for retrospect.

—Nikki Turner

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  3. jonny heckman says:

    yeah, this is really great news for all of us in love with early 80s american hardcore punk …but i won’t believe it till i’m holding the book in my hands. i can’t count how many times i’ve heard something will be released or re-released only to be disappointed with the item never coming to be. with that said, does anybody have solid info on this book, what company, will it be available in large chain bookstores or will it have to be ordered from a certain website, is tesco involved? any real info about t & g complete years would be great!

  4. wes says:

    tesco is involved yes. not sure whether dave is or not. steve miller of THE FIX is writing some parts for it as well. can’t fucking wait for it! saw a whole lot of issues sell for $160+ last night. jeez, this NEEDS to happen.

  5. June Stewart says:

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  6. Coffee Guy says:

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  7. Dustin Peria says:

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