Devendra Banhart Remixes Oasis

After years and years of trying to convince the world that they were better than not only the Beatles but anyone whose ever even looked at or thought about a musical instrument, Oasis has enlisted the Hairy Fairy, aka Devendra Banhart, to remix the next single from the band's new album Dig Out Your Soul. He chose jug band burner "Get Off Your High Horse Lady," which you have to register at the Oasis community to actually hear. We did that and still couldn't, so we're going to just repost what the Oasis fans had to say about it on the message board…

Haha its quite good!

weird and equally piontless

doesnt work for me

doesnt play

bad song to remix tbh, not bad tho, still as awful as the original song

not workin for me

I prefer album version. Of course with it's Indian theme, it feels very Jamaican to me. Anyone else? That strumming acoustic in the background really sets a tone different than the other 'Techno' bits that are usually inter-laced in remixes.

- All in all this sounds like a completely different song, which I gather it is supposed to. A little low key and monotoninous for me though. Also, I guess due to popularity of it right now, can't access whole version and it is pretty laggy.

Why remix this song?

It would be like painting a turd purple. Pointless and stinky.

its crap

it doesnt work

ok it's working now for me.

rather cool actually. Nice twist to it.
Still prefer the album version, but it's still a good remix.

it's ok, very chilled.

Not playing for me either... grrr.

Cool but i still like the album version better

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Devendra Banhart Remixes Oasis