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Freeload: Terry Lynn, “Jamaican Girls” (prod Johan of Radioclit) MP3

June 10, 2009

Terry Lynn, responsible for one of the grimiest videos of 2008, has joined up with Johan Hugo of Radioclit/The Very Best to make this new track from the forthcoming free digital EP called It Was Written. The five songs on the EP, presented by Red Stripe Beer, "celebrate the worldwide influence of Jamaican music," something we have been celebrating at FADER for over 10 years now. You'll be able to get the full EP on Monday, June 15th, at, but enough with the formalities! This song is way more fun than one might expect from Lynn, who last we saw her, if our memory serves correct, was pointing a giant gun at us in a video. Here's to finding time in your busy schedule to appreciate your womanhood!

Download: Terry Lynn, "Jamaican Girls" (prod Johan of Radioclit)

Posted: June 10, 2009
Freeload: Terry Lynn, “Jamaican Girls” (prod Johan of Radioclit) MP3