Sonic Youth Announce Signature Fenders

Huge week for Sonic Youth: the release of their sixteenth full-length studio effort The Eternal, hanging with David Letterman, and now guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo have announced their new line of signature Fender Jazzmasters through the band's Twitter page. Moore and Ranaldo influenced leagues of subsequent noise-mongers by deconstructing traditional guitar tunings and all the modifications and tech-head creativity can be attained now without all of the head-scratching and cursing. They just come that way!

Check the Fender site for all the specs, if you're so inclined. And now a statement from the artists:

"When Fender came to us with an offer to make signature models of our Jazzmaster guitars we jumped at the chance. These are the guitars that have defined the sound of Sonic Youth for more than 20 years. Although we love all guitars, Jazzmasters are the ones we've modified and perfected for our uses over the years. With massive input from our great road crew, we've come up with a Thurston Jazzmaster & Lee 'Jazzblaster' that fully reflect the current state of the guitars we play in 2009. In fact, we couldn't wait to get our hands on these axes - the prototypes of our Fender models have already been thrust into action during the recording of our latest album, The Eternal, and have already begun to acquire the scrapes and scarz of live performance. These guitars rock Sonic style!"

(via P4k)

Sonic Youth Announce Signature Fenders