Freeload: Wild Yaks, “Pondering Philosopher,” “Blood Red Field” + “Crazy But Not Afraid” MP3s

Last week, we pleaded with you, for the sake of your betterment and for our sound minds, to listen to the three Wild Yaks. We’re not going to beg any longer, just offer you a fuller spectrum of rock catharsis. We saw the Yaks play last night, last minute after some beer and pizza (appropriate). They were scheduled to play at 10 sharp. But at 10 sharp some other band was on stage that our friend Kevin said was “what you do after you graduate from Wesleyan with a drama degree.” Needless to say, it was not jamming. But immediately after they finished, in the back of the room on wide wooden planks, Wild Yaks started up, sideshow between the limp main events. Maybe that’s where they belong permanently, don’t need your gaze, limp straw hat singalongs or indie chatter. Fuck it, yeah they probably do. Write a Twitter about them or something.

Download: Wild Yaks, “Pondering Philosopher”

Download: Wild Yaks, “Blood Red Field”

Download: Wild Yaks, “Crazy But Not Afraid”

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