Major Lazer Zombies Eat Our Face + Diplo Remix

That is a euphemism for copious sweating: we lost 13 gallons of body water at SOB’s on Saturday night, where Major Lazer kicked off their Stateside tour. We also may have dropped it a little too low? Basically there was a lot of Diplo + Switch preeminently DJing dubstep, dancehall, Ace of Bass (whoa) and intermittent tracks from their totally awesome album, while FADER fave 77Klash pumped the crowd, tossed out toy laser guns, and sweated a lot less than the two young girls wineing on the stage the whole time. Ricky Blaze, Nina Sky and Jahdan Blakkamoore, all subjects of past FADER features, each came out to do their tracks from the album, and. Oh! And Ricky Blaze opened (but he only did one song, “Cut Dem Off”) and brought out the amazing Chelley, who performed her interminable late-night club hit “Took the Night.” Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do is out tomorrow (and Ricky Blaze’s mixtape is coming out soon!) and we will have a shitload more to say on both topics. In the meantime, Diplo is streaming his dance remix of the Major Lazer Nina Sky song, “Keep it Going Louder” on his MySpace.

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