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Cat Stevens Makes Peace With Coldplay

Coldplay's "Viva La Vida," title track from their latest full-length, has been a lightning rod for plagiarism concerns since it landed last year. Joe Satriani was the first to pipe up, accusing the British balladeers of copying his 2004 instrumental track "If I Could Fly" in December of 2008. That development seemed to inspire Yusuf bka Cat Stevens to take a closer listen, whereupon the legendary singer-songwriter became convinced the very same Coldplay song stole licks from his "Foreigner Suite." While Yusuf stated that he would wait until after the Satriani case had come to a conclusion to decide on legal action, Rolling Stone is reporting this morning that Yusuf has backpedaled and backed off, saying " “I have even copied myself without even knowing I have done it. I’ll write down what I think is a good melody and realize it’s the same as something I have already done. I don’t want them to think I am angry with them. I’d love to sit down and have a cup of tea with them and let them know it’s okay.” Now if only Satriani felt the same way.

Cat Stevens Makes Peace With Coldplay