Islands Record Vapours


In their various iterations, Islands/The Unicorns/Th’ Corn Gangg seem to have broken up and lost and/or gained members more than they’ve released actual albums. September 22nd marks the release of Islands’ third album Vapours on Anti- as well as signs of stability in the return of original Islands member Jamie Thompson. If the first Islands album was marked by erratic pop sensibilities, jumping from Beach Boys-style harmonizing to full-on orchestral rock and even to (dubious) rap, and the second was a collection of proggy, sprawling, somewhat overly ambitious epics, than what will Vapours hold? Apparently it’ll hold “moody synthesizers and drum-machine-heavy beats, while remaining firmly rooted in the classic pop sensibilities and multitude of melodic hooks that Islands is known for.” See also: A combination of their first two albums.

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