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Black Lips and King Khan are The Almighty Defenders


We're just going to throw it out there that this collaboration between current Tripwire feature, King Khan, and former Tripwire feature, Black Lips, will probably sound like "good old rock & roll" and will probably also be a little "crazy" and "wild." The recording may also have involved dudes spitting on or in each other.

Press release!

When the Black Lips had to flee India after almost getting arrested (long story) and getting their passports confiscated (longer story), they fled to Berlin to hole up with their old pal and label-mate King Khan. Mark Sultan (aka BBQ, one half of King Khan & BBQ Show) also happened to be there, and it happened to be freezing in Berlin that week so no one really wanted to leave the house. So what do a bunch of garage-rock all-stars (and international refugees) do in the middle of winter in cramped conditions? They give birth to an album and band of the same name, The Almighty Defenders. The guys went to Moon Studios and recorded these tracks, brimming with soul, earnest shouts, cries and hand-claps over post-modern gospel-rock anthems.

Black Lips and King Khan are The Almighty Defenders