Comments: Kate Moss – Worst or Best Girlfriend in the World?


According to NME, ravishing beauty and scourge of skinny, troubled British rock stars, Kate Moss, recently decided to make a pool floatie out of her boyfriend Jamie Hince’s laptop. Unfortunately, that laptop contained the only recorded copies of six songs planned for The Kills next album. Hince is said to be despondent, while every other heterosexual male on the face of the earth anticipates a wicked rumble between Kate and Alison Mosshart.

Our question to you commenters is what would Kate Moss have to do to you to make you not want to be her boyfriend anymore?

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  1. kate moss is perhaps the dumbest chick on the planet? what did hince do to deserve his laptop taking a swim? did he take her coke? did he tell her to eat a sandwich?
    mosshart will indeed whip her pasty ass!
    she is indeed the worst girlfriend in the world……
    “Dirty Robot” is kind of a cool song though. Have you heard the new lemonheads record yet? Got an advance copy for review…. it’s pretty good, actually.

  2. rex says:

    I think Kate is beautiful to look at and probably hell to live with.
    But to answer the question posed: tell my wife about us.
    (“us” – Yeah, that will never happen).

  3. JB says:

    BACK. UP.