Whartscape '09 Lineup Announced (Sorta...)

Didn't you hear?  Not planning your summer festival is the new Twitter. Dan Deacon's Wham City label has been organizing Whartscape for a few years now.  The festival's just a few weeks away and the lineup still hasn't been finalized, but we do know via various MySpaces that it will include the fine musicians listed below.  If this year's festival turns out anything like past years, it'll be a sprawl of the best blippy nonsense that Body More Murder Land has to offer. Keep an eye on the official Whartscape website for details, and say a prayer that Baltimore will stop killing Dan Deacon.

Dan Deacon w/ensemble
Future Islands
Double Dagger
Vincent Black Shadow
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
Crazy Dreams Band
Santa Dads
Bird Names
Child Bite
Air Waves
Boogie Boarder
Teengirl Fantasy
Talk Normal

Whartscape '09 Lineup Announced (Sorta...)