Jeff Buckley Oral History A Real Screen Scroller


Online culture zine The published a highly readable oral history of Jeff Buckley just as he was getting his band together in New York during the early 90s. In addition to some great road stories (hammocks in their tour van, dudes) there's some great unpublished interview material with Buckley nestled in there, most notably this quote from the the guy whose voice always makes you cry:

Having Tim Buckley as my father gave me the parts needed to play music. Even if I went and became a lawyer and someone asked me to sing something, I’d have the parts to sing. But that’s it. It’s not really [Tim Buckley's] voice that I have - because it wasn’t really his voice to begin with. It was passed down to us from every man in our family

In other Buckley news, a newly remastered and unreleased cover of Elton John's "We All Fall In Love Sometimes" is surfacing on the soundtrack of a new Cameron Diaz vehicle with "Beaches"-worthy tear levels written all over it. Probably NSFW if you're a real man's man. Just saying.

Jeff Buckley Oral History A Real Screen Scroller