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Video: Bloc Party, "One More Chance"

One of the main reasons Bloc Party's Silent Alarm worked as well as it did was its unabashed earnestness. It felt like they put every single thing they had into that record. Which may have been true since subsequent albums were crushed by their own absurd emotional weight, constant reminders of how restrained and refined Silent Alarm was in retrospect. "One More Chance," their newest single, moves further away from Silent Alarm (bad choice), but still keeps those anthemic adolescent choruses (good choice). It could be that they're now angling for the high school crowd, or that may have been the idea all along. Either way, my 16-year-old self is jamming the shit out of this and not feeling at all weird about the lyrics "give me one more chance to love you."

Video: Bloc Party, "One More Chance"