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Video: Vitalic, "Your Disco Song" + "Terminator Benelux"

In 2005, French-Italian producer Vitalic released his club genre-spanning, atriol-exploding LP OK Cowboy, four years after the release of that album's lead-in Poney EP. And now, four years after Cowboy, he's finally releasing his next full-length on or around the last week of September. Two of the new album's songs are up on his MySpace and the video for one of them, "Your Disco Song," has just been released and features a woman getting her breasts made into disco balls. Oops, SPOILER! The video, after the jump, was directed by Christine Massy & Brice Van Der Haegen and produced by WAF.

Stream: Vitalic, "Your Disco Song" + "Terminator Benelux"

Video: Vitalic, "Your Disco Song" + "Terminator Benelux"