Dam-Funk, "Toeachizown"

This fall, Stonesthrow DJ/writer/producer/Los Angeles funkdafier Dam-Funk is releasing the first edition of a five-volume album pack. It's entitled Toeachizown, has a single of the same name, is definitely keeping it funky. Using his eclectic mix of vintage synths and drum machines, D-F calls his own beats "modern-funk," which is fairly accurate considering it makes us feel like like twisting our hair like George Clinton and, to be honest, lighting something up. Along with his upcoming opus, he's also embarking on a giant tour across the States and Europe. Download the track below and check his live dates after the jump.

Download: Dam-Funk, "Toeachizown"

Upcoming Dam-Funk tour dates:

Jul 14 - San Diego CA @ Voyeur, with A-Trak
Jul 23 - Glasgow, Scotland @ Stereo
Jul 24 - Manchester UK @ The Roadhouse
Jul 29 - Los Angeles CA @ The Airliner

Aug 4 - Fullerton CA @ The Continental Room
Aug 6 - San Diego CA @ El Dorado Bar
Aug 7 - Los Angeles CA @ Hyperion Tavern
Aug 14 - Brookyn NYC @ Prospect Park, with Animal Collective
Aug 15 - Brookyn NYC @ Prospect Park, with Animal Collective

Sep 18 - Tokyo JP @ JZ Brad, with Benji B
Sep 19 - Osaka JP @ Sound Channel, with Benji B
Sep 20 - Kanazawa JP @ Manier, with Benji B
Sep 21 - Morioka City JP, TBA
Sep 22 - Sendai City JP @ ADD, with Benji B
Sep 24 - Seoul, S. Korea @ Stussy (In Store)
Sept 25 - Seoul, S. Korea Club @ Vera
Sept 26 - Shanghai, China @ The Shelter

Oct 2009 - Europe Tour

Dam-Funk, "Toeachizown"