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Ancient Astronauts - Everybody

Enter Ancient Astronauts boasting their debut full-length record We Are To Answer; cosmic beats, bass lines thumping, Afro-funk pulse, down-tempo grooves, hard-hitting electro jolts, vocal maneuvering from Pharcyde, Tippa Arie and Azeem. Yes, indeed, Ancient Astronauts, a German duo that has as much to do with DJ/rupture as to do with old-school hip-hop, refuse genre definition. The best part - it works. It's natural and organic. The production of recently-released We Are to Answer forces nothing and flows at its own pace.

"Everybody" anachronistically flies back to an era of 1970s Afro-funk, choosing to appropriate and amplify the era's appeal rather than imitate it.

Ancient Astronauts, Everybody

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The thumping cadence of "Classic [ft.Pharcyde]" is reminiscent of DJ Premier's best work. As always, Pharcyde's Imani & Bootie Brown's seamless flow donates infectious edge to the song's unrelenting pulse.

Ancient Astronauts, Classic [ft. Pharcyde]

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--Michael Cranston

Ancient Astronauts - Everybody