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Become A Microscope: Sister Corita x Aaron Rose


Alleged head and ANP Quarterly editor Aaron Rose has been a consistent champion of cult art figure Sister Corita for as long as we've known about her, which probably means he's the one who told us to check her out in the first place. A Catholic nun for over 20 years, Corita left the Order of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and her post as chairman of the art department at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles in 1968 to dedicate her life to her own creations which had become her driving passion, most of which asked the world to live in peace and love. She also wore cool scarves and probably didn't take shit from anyone. Generally pretty awesome.

Rose and Family bookstore will be showing his short documentary on Corita along with two other films from the ’60s about her, Sister Corita: Mary's Day (1964) by Baylis Glascock, and Survival With Style (1966) by Cal Bernstein, Alex Singer and Haskell Wexler at the Silent Move Theatre on N. Fairfax in LA this Sunday at 8pm. Mary's Day will feature a live score by a "very special guest." We're guessing Rose's band The Sads or No Age or Abe Vigoda or someone else awesome. Whoever it is, it will be fun. After the jump, watch an odd German video interview with Rose at his Passion for the Possible Corita show in Berlin last year. Choice quote: "I think maybe Jesus Christ was the first beautiful loser."

Become A Microscope: Sister Corita x Aaron Rose