Early Sufjan Stevens Record Revisited by Brooklyn String Quartet

Sufjan Stevens’ 2001 instrumental paean to the Chinese Zodiac, called Enjoy Your Rabbit, is enjoying an orchestral second life, courtesy Brooklyn’s Osso, a young string quartet who have toured and recorded with Stevens and are now preparing to release their adaptation album, called Run Rabbit Run. The original LP, suffused with drum machines and jarring keyboards, has now been adapted for a string treatment, which you can preview at WNYC’s Spinning On Air archive, where Osso performed and talked about the Sufjan songs in February 2008. Look out for the album release October 6 on Asthmatic Kitty records.

Tracklist after the jump.

01 Year of the Ox (arranged by Michael Atkinson)
02 Enjoy Your Rabbit (arranged by Michael Atkinson)
03 Year of the Monkey (arranged by Michael Atkinson)
04 Year of the Tiger (arranged by Rob Moose)
05 Year of the Dragon (arranged by Nico Muhly)
06 Year of the Snake (arranged by Olivier Manchon)
07 Year of the Horse (arranged by Rob Moose)
08 Year of the Sheep (arranged by Maxim Moston)
09 Year of the Rat (arranged by Olivier Manchon)
10 Year of the Rooster (arranged by Gabriel Kahane)
11 Year of the Dog (arranged by Rob Moose)
12 Year of the Boar (arranged by Michael Atkinson)
13 Year of Our Lord (arranged by Michael Atkinson)

Early Sufjan Stevens Record Revisited by Brooklyn String Quartet