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Perez Hilton Gets His Own Record Label, "Has An Ear"


Entertainment Weekly confirmed shortly before the weekend that Perez Hilton, lover of celebrity gossip blogging AND semen graffiti, has been given the green light to begin work on a record imprint of his very own. Working under the Warner Bros umbrella, Hilton is planning to announce details on his first signee by the end of July and had the following bit of intensely personal info to share:

I have an ear, which is really important in the music world -- to be able to hear a hit and to be able to know who has a good song or not… I'm more than just an A&R person. I'm also a marketing person. I'm also a manager.

Do you have any idea how much more good music is going to be seeing the light of radio day now that this dude is on the clock? We're all going to be okay.

Perez Hilton Gets His Own Record Label, "Has An Ear"