Robin Pecknold, “Two Headed Boy” MP3 (Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)

How bad are music nerds (us) freaking out over this right now? Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes (aka the band that everyone including parents likes) performed solo at a benefit for Seattle’s all-ages music center The Vera Project. To draw people who actually make money, the venue served drinks with alcohol in them and Pecknold performed a set of Fleet Foxes songs as well as a bunch of covers, including Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Two Headed Boy.” Next week he’ll be performing at a benefit for the survivors of the Great Pitchfork Mind Explosion of 2009. Jokes! But only because the entire set is jam city.

Download: Robin Pecknold, “Two Headed Boy” (Neutral Milk Hotel cover) (via Chocolate Bobka)

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