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Video: Wild Yaks Live for Pandora

Perennial favorites and champions, Wild Yaks were pretty drunk last night, playing inside K+M bar in Brooklyn. "I am not playing in front of Fish Called Wanda!" Rob kept yelling, because there was a projector playing Fish Called Wanda huge behind the band. But they weren't going to play at all because the bass amp didn't work. Then the guitar didn't work. But then they worked. Then they played and it was the ten thousandth time we've seen them and it was still killer like it's always killer and even though that hour was competing with sleep hour, Wild Yaks won out and it was for the better despite being kind of tired today and not needing more alcohol really. Gonna go ahead and guess you weren't there—NBD, dog. After the jump, check them out playing four tracks and breaking down their origins, "River May Come," "Angel Eyes," "Wish I Had a Whip" and "Tomahawk" live for Kind of not the same at 10:30AM but your fault you didn't make it last night.

Video: Wild Yaks Live for Pandora