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Nas Gets "Bossy" with Kelis

It was all good just a week ago, right? WRONG. Well, at least that's not the case with Nas and Kelis. From balloons and popcorn to butterflies and candy coated raindrops, dark clouds have officially taken over Nasty Nas and Ms. "Bossy" for the past few months. The latest? Nas is b-r-o-k-e. Well, maybe not quite, but his paper apparently isn't stretching as long as Kelis says. According to Kelis, the rapper should be coughing up $20,000 a month for their upcoming "seed" while she maintains the "Baby Mama" label due to his alleged $11 million album deal via Def Jam. Ball up, Nas. And in this corner, the Queens, New York emcee claims he got around $4 million from the 2005-06 signing and racks in roughly $147,165. (Men lie, Women lie, court documents found via TMZ definitely don't...). Looks like we're in for a few more chapters of this saga... and isn't it a bit weird how their relationship almost looks like what would have happened in Belly once Nas and T-Boz made it to Africa...? Hhmmmm.... (via)—Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

Nas Gets "Bossy" with Kelis