Twista f. Kanye West, “Alright” MP3

This morning Twista was on Hot 97 talking about his new record, which dropped today, and apparently got zero push considering it was the first we’d heard of it. And it was like, “Why is Twista releasing an album? Who releases albums anymore?” Rhetorically speaking of course. And it’s called Category F5, which sounds about right considering the impending Amber Alert on his career. But if a song as excellent as “Alright” didn’t make the album, it bodes well for Twista’s future: Kanye and No ID’s contemplative piano beat and doorknocker drum patterns are a nice counter to his Tommy Gun flow. Plus you get to indulge in the weird joy that is hearing Kanye rap the word “gnarly.”

Download: Twista f. Kanye West, “Alright”

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