The Latest and Greatest in Album Leak News

While a Minnesota mom was fined $1.92 million for illegal downloading, those who have the taste to leak Guns N Roses tracks get off lightly in comparison. Yesterday, Kevin Cogill, the man who pleaded guilty to leaking tracks from the band's latest effort, Chinese Democracy, was sentenced to a year of probation and two months of home confinement. His computers will also be searched by the government (to possibly verify the existence of other tracks from Axl's fallow period?). To top it off (and thwart more would-be leakers), Cogill will be required to record an anti-pirating PSA for the Recording Industry of America. "I intended to promote the artist because I am a fan," Cogill claimed.

In more leaking news, Dead Weather band members Jack White, Jack Lawrence, and Alison Mosshart provide their own views on the matter in an interview with Clash Music. The whole thing is worth reading, but a few choice quotes on the subject of pirating:

[Leaking] just ruins the element of surprise, doesn’t it?

JW: That’s all that I care about. That’s the hard part for me, that’s the heartbreaker for me, all the elements of surprise.

Jack Lawrence: I just don’t... I just can’t find an answer in my head, or talk to anyone and get an answer, but why do people want to ruin the surprise? What is the big deal? Why do they need to know?

AM: I don’t know. Cos people like having things that other people don’t have. It’s a power thing.

JL: A surprise is good. It’s nice to be surprised. Just let us surprise you.

The Latest and Greatest in Album Leak News