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FADER TV: Jonathan Mannion at Milk Gallery

If The FADER had its own huge gallery filled with photos from the pages of our magazine, Jonathan Mannion would definitely have a nice sized wing in it. Mannion has shot the second-most covers (we're not counting or anything) in our history, from the very first issue with Funk Flex to issues that aren't even out yet. Eminem, Outkast, Beck, Mos Def—you name it, he's done did done it. And not just for us. Dude's got a wealth of stories to go with said photos, which he divulged to FADER contributing style editor Mobolaji Dawodu at his recent exhibit Milk Gallery, including his epic experience at Biggie's platinum party and some vignettes from a wall full of Polaroids.

FADER TV: Jonathan Mannion at Milk Gallery