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Trust Fun's Glory Scarves and Rockmen

Sydney-based design group Trust Fun has settled on our browser homeland and is proceeding to construct permanent residence as if it were its god-given right. Which is fine with us because if we learned anything from Baz Luhrmann's Australia, it can only end up wonderfully, especially if they continue to dazzle and confuse us with such wide-ranging creations as their intensely psychedelic Glory Scarves, volcanic Rockmen, amazing Petit Mal high fashion comic book/zine thing and weirdly precise fashion arithmetic blog Fashematics. To see where two of Trust Fun's creators Jonathan and Annie Zawada (along with Shane Sakkeus) come up with all this awesomeness, check out The Selby's recent visit to their home, and see a few more scarves and rocks after the jump.



Trust Fun's Glory Scarves and Rockmen