Kid Sister's Ultraviolet Water 'Bout To Break

The head of Kid Sister’s long-awaited album is finally reaching the end of the birth canal: It’s a girl, her name is Ultraviolet and she’s finally coming out October 6 on Downtown Records.
Months of rapid anticipation, encouraged by Kid Sis’s adorable Twitter-ing (“Ew my nails look crazy. I look like I raze barns for a living...”) and ridiculous live performances, have crested to make this one of the year’s most exciting album drops. The buzz from her 2007 single, “Pro Nails,” feat. Kanye West has only grown as Kid Sister keeps on her performing grind and stays real with her fans, delaying her own album release just to get every detail perfect. I smell a classic in the oven.

In addition to Kid Sister’s already infectious flow, I personally can’t wait to check out the production on the album, coming from hard-hitters like Rusko, XXXChange, Herve, and DJ Gant-Man. Don’t sleep on Chicago’s most fully-fitted female rapper this fall!

Ultraviolet Tracklist:
1. Right Hand Hi
2. Life On TV
3. Daydreaming
4. Let Me Bang 2009
5. Big n Bad
6. Pro Nails (feat. Kanye West)
7. Step (feat. Estelle)
8. Switch Board (feat. DJ Gant-Man)
9. Get Fresh
10. 53421
11. You Ain't Really Down
12. Control

Kid Sister's Ultraviolet Water 'Bout To Break