Ryan Leslie, “You’re Not My Girl” MP3

R Les channels early Mike Jack on this Off The Wall-referencing memo to his sidepiece that she can be shady and cheat on her man, but shouldn’t expect him to commit. Insert Bossip.com Puff/Cassie/R-Les love triangle speculation post here. It’s actually rather uncanny how closely he’s adhering to the Jackson blueprint (holler at Timberlake), a slight turn to classicism from his normal glossy future-funk, but then he also thinks it is his birthright to carry the torch. Too soon to tell (needs more Margiela, dance classes), but this song is a step in the right direction.

Download: Ryan Leslie, “You’re Not My Girl”

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  1. I.D. Know says:

    I think that it would be tight if Ryan Leslie and Justin Timberlake/JC Chasez worked on a track together..or maybe NSYNC if they ever get back together.

  2. Babette V says:

    I love this song “You’re Not My Girl” Just hits home so close to home, but in a good way. Just makes me remember to stay good friends!! you rock Ryan Leslie keep on rocking on!!!!

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  4. suhas says:

    we love you RYAN …………. your songs are awesome and futuristic………love “ADDICTION” and also”YOU’ RE NOT MY GIRL”………….all your songs are cool…….you and casssie rock together…..wanna hear more compositions from you and her………..RYAN and CASSIE make up an awesome pair

  5. Lizet Torres says:

    Ryan Leslie is a breath of fresh air. Looks good- sounds good- just the right vibe for me. His future is bright!

  6. RC says:

    The only thing about this song channeling MJ is the glowing sidewalk squares in the video. This song is grounding HIS sound.