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Video: Death Documentary/Tour Dates


In our profile on 1970s Detroit cult metal band Death from FADER #60, member Bobby Hackney told us, "I think a lot of [our rejection of Motown sounds] might have been fueled by the rejection we faced, from even our own community. We were really just determined to be rockers and here we are in the middle of the black community. Maybe that just pushed us to be a littler harder, because we were so determined to get the real rock sound." Nothing jolts a rock band's raggedy edges like alienation, and Death's 1974 album is a document of outsider rippage that could have fit perfectly inside had they been operating in the New York or LA scenes—and they were clearly precursors to the likes of Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat. Now they've created a completely awesome documentary called "Where Do We Go From Here?" to promo their REUNION MINI-TOUR DATES! If you live in Detroit, Chicago or Cleveland A. we're sorry but B. at least you get the consolation prize of being able to see Death live this September... and if you do not go, you are playing yourself. (via Bold as Love)

[vimeo width="560" height="460"][/vimeo]

Video: Death Documentary/Tour Dates