Premiere: Ash's "Return Of White Rabbit" (NYC Rabbit Version)


Ash's video for their new single, "Return Of White Rabbit" is pretty entertaining, to say the least. Directed by Karen Lord and featuring Nickolas Kimbrell (white rabbit and close friend of the band), we get a sneak peak at what a typical night in NYC is like for a jolly ol' rabbit. Download "Return Of White Rabbit" for free here and check back in the fall for Ash's A-Z Singles series.

Starting in September, Ash will release a single on limited 7” vinyl and digital download each fortnight for the next twelve months. Commencing with ‘A’ and running through the alphabet, all 26 songs will be released on Ash’s own Atomic Heart Records and will be available through shops and by subscription through the band’s website

Premiere: Ash's "Return Of White Rabbit" (NYC Rabbit Version)