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Hey! Developments in the Music Industry! Alright!


A thought: as the traditional record industry continues to crumble, new and innovative ways to market bands and their music are emerging, as seen in today's New York Times. Brian Message, manager of Radiohead, is interviewed in the business section about his latest business venture, called Polyphonic. He plans to invest a few hundred thousand dollars in a multitude of bands without record deals, helping them gain direct access to new audiences via the internet. Bands will be viewed as independent start-ups of sorts, recording their own music and cherry picking outside agents to run their publicity, touring, and merchandising while also maintaining ownership of their master recordings. Message is joined by Adam Driscoll of MAMA Group, a British media company, and Terry McBride of Nettwerk Music Group. The company will have offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Hey! Developments in the Music Industry! Alright!