Stylee Fridays: Mjolk Spring 2010

If you were to take the wardrobe wishlists of every FADER staffer and fuse them together at random, the collective fantasy closet would look something like this:

1. A blinged-out Topshop bodycon dress
2. A pair of Cutler and Gross perspex specs
3. A Military camo button down (one that actually went through a war, the more fucked up the better)
4. One bright red union suit (just to chill around the house)

When it comes to constructing an entirely new look though, it helps to start with a person, or group of stylish peoples for inspiration, which is why Mjolk's new spring 2010 collection—previewed at Capsule—really got us thinking. Mjolk designer Lars Stoten had the Lost Generation of artists in mind when he was designing the new collection, specifically Ezra Pound and Ernest Hemingway. That '20s set of artsy ex-pats spent most of their time in Paris, but Stoten re-imagines the crew on vacation in the south of France, and the outfits they might have worn while sipping Chardonnay with Picasso or frolicking on the beach with Kiki de Montparnasse. The pants are all loose, lovely and painterly, with Limoncello-colored jeans and a casually polished powderpink suit that seems just as fit for Riviera living back then as it would be now.

When we spotted Stoten at Capsule, he was impeccably dressed and fully decked out in brand new Mjolk, right down to the awesome spring 2010 brown leather sandals. These are the kind of shoes Italian schoolboys or Catholic priests might have worn in the 1920s, and the sort our contributing style editor Mobolaji Dawodu would wear with a head-to-toe African print safari suit. And that's why we're putting the whole collection on our gigantic wishlist for next season, because between the unisex jackets, striped tanks and washed out trousers, there's something in there for us all.




Stylee Fridays: Mjolk Spring 2010