The Tripwire Podcast 051

00:00:02 Alberta Cross "Leave Us And Forgive Us" (Ark/ATO Records)
00:02:58 The Legends "Always The Same" (Labrador)
00:05:11 Dappled Cities "The Price" (Dangerbird)
00:09:30 The Cribs "We Were Aborted" (Wichita)
00:12:34 The Blakes "Basket" (We Are Ok)
00:15:29 The Idle Hands "Sunshine On The Tenements" (Pretty Kids Collective)
00:18:42 Mean Creek "Face Of The Earth" (Old Flame)
00:21:29 Violens "Already Over" (Cantora)
00:24:39 Hoodoo Gurus "Come Anytime" (Big Time/RCA)
00:27:50 The Dodos "Fables" (French Kiss)
00:31:58 Sean Walsh And The National Reserve "You Know" (Lover's Dream)
00:34:58 Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band "Nikorette" (Merge)
00:39:00 Gentleman Reg "How We Exit" (Arts & Crafts)
00:42:24 12 Rods "What Has Happened?" (V2)
00:45:19 break one
00:53:46 Arctic Monkeys "Crying Lightning" (Domino)
00:57:22 War Tapes "Love Me" (Arsenal Rock n Roll/Justice)
01:01:03 Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions "Blanchard" (Nettwerk)
01:05:54 Julian Plenti "Games For Days" (Matador)
01:09:44 Meat Puppets "Rotten Shame" (MegaForce)
01:13:23 Parades "Dead Nationale" (unsigned)
01:16:45 The Depreciation Guild "Darklooming" (Kanine)
01:21:10 Small "Sunshine Lover" (Tremendous/Last Gang)
01:23:51 Thieves Like Us "Really Like To See You Again" (Shelflife/Fantasy Memory)
01:27:00 We Have Band "West End Girls" (unsigned)
01:31:32 Zambri "Easier" (unsigned)
01:34:32 Generationals "Bobby Beale" (Park The Van)
01:37:31 The Rentals "No Desire #2" (self-release)
01:40:42 Modest Mouse "History Sticks To Your Feet" (Epic)
01:44:26 break two
01:54:27 Free Energy "Free Energy" (DFA)


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The Tripwire Podcast 051