Minneapolis Weighs Proposal to Ban 18+ Shows


The issues surrounding the 18+ show are well-known and long-standing; in Minneapolis, efforts to limit underage binge drinking have prompted City Councilwoman Lisa Goodman to propose restrictions on 18+ events. If the motion passes, two options would be available for live events: all-ages, alcohol-free concerts, or 21+ shows with free-flowing alcohol. Quoted in Minneapolis' City Pages, Goodman claims, "I just don't know how I can in good faith look at these public-health people and tell them we don't propagate youth access to alcohol when we allow 18-year-olds into bars where 21-year-olds can pass them alcohol. If I don't do something to address this now, I'm going to face something far more onerous."

Local venue owners have expressed concern about the ordinance, and a petition on Facebook lists performers that would likely forgo performing in Minneapolis should the proposal be put into effect, including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Girl Talk, and Phoenix. Booking manager James "Taco" Martin says that a ban on 18+ concerts would limit the amount of bands passing through the city, claiming that "A lot of bands require [the 18+ age restriction] because they can sell a lot of merch to people who aren't buying drinks with the money in their pocket."

A petition against the measure is circulating online; sign it here.

Minneapolis Weighs Proposal to Ban 18+ Shows