Kate Moss Knows Rock Music


Hoping to tap a new market in rock hopefuls, Brit personality Simon Cowell is in talks to develop a new music talent show in search of unsigned bands, with winners being gifted the opportunity to record. After enjoying success with shows like American Idol in the States and X Factor in the U.K., it only seemed like a short while until a show like this was pitched. VH1 tried a similar format with short-lived Bands On The Run in 2001.

Though Cowell has not been confirmed to appear on the show himself, notorious “serial band girlfriend” Kate Moss, first with The Libertines’ Pete Doherty and currently with The Kills’ Jamie Hince, has been signed on for the first season. Our question is, how do you win her over? By besting competition in a coke rails competition? Negotiating a reconciliation after she tosses a laptop containing¬†your band’s new album into a pool? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  2. juepucta says:

    What puzzles me, is why did people believe (in the first place) that Cowell was any good at this (and let it snowball from there)? I mean, other than L. Lewis the man’s track record is utter crap. Maybe the “marketing” of that Boyle woman desrves some kudos but only if it was intentional for the whole thing to fizzle so fast (same goes for P. Potts).

    What makes anybody think this guy knows the first thing about RnR?