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Mariah Carey Doubles Up With Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri

She’s back in the building, folks. Yes, after a platinum-selling album last year and both “Huh?” and “Congrats!” reactions towards her marriage with Nick “Drumline” Cannon, Mariah Carey is back in the studio preparing “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.” Well, the “imperfect” sounds a bit more like her steez, the “angel,” ehhh, we’d rather watch re-runs of “Buffy” for that. Regardless, the project is set for a September 2009 release and Mariah recently talked about linking up with hip-hop producers Timbaland and Magoo Jermaine Dupri…(peep below)

"I worked with Timbaland for the first time," she told MTV News. "I'm a fan of Timbaland's, so I enjoyed it. [The song] hasn't even been mixed yet but I think it's really cool…I worked with JD again. I always love working with Jermaine. Every time it's just ... it reminds me of the first time we worked together, which was 'Always Be My Baby.' Once you do a song like that and you have it forever, you wanna just continue to try and re-create that magic, so that's what we do."

Uh-huh…anyone else have a nagging suspicion Carey’s studio time had the Alicia Keys effect on JD and caused his split with Janet Jackson? Hhmm…anyway, Bossip topics aside, Carey also got her younger woman on courtesy of The-Dream on records like “Obsessed” and even linked with Mr. Wright, Jim Wright. If things hold up, Mariah’s upcoming album could go head-to-head with Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3…we’ll see who’s running the Soundscan town then! —Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

Mariah Carey Doubles Up With Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri