Amber Goes Full Metal Jacket For Kanye West

Amber Rose’s bald headed swag is back, as she re-cuddled with [alleged/current/jump-off boyfriend] Kanye West in New York last night. The Twitter “freak” is going to be getting down and dirty on tape with Ye but [unfortunately] it won’t be anything along the lines of Kim & Ray J or Pam & Tommy…Amber recently gave the inside scoop about appearing in the rapper’s R&B-based “Robocop” music video from 808’s & Heartbreak.

“I have Kanye’s ‘Robocop’ video,” Rose told MTV News Monday night in Scranton, Pennsylvania, during the launch of the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival. “I’m playing a robot through the whole video. Ninety-five percent of the video is just me.”

95 percent is just her? Hhmm…maybe Drake might have to consider doing a remix to “Best I Ever Had” if this shapes up to what we’re hoping. No word on when the video will launch but you heard it from us (via MTV) first, Yeezy and Rose are definitely still in the mix AND doing R&B records. Someone grab the Barry White and tone down the auto-tune…this should be interesting!—Cyrus Kyle Langhorne

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