Cassie, “Stamina” MP3

Better than “Let’s Get Crazy“, the last released track from her upcoming Electro Love, “Stamina” is still not the bone dry creepy of “Me & U.” Darkchild supposedly produced this, and the beat is heavy, but calling this a serious jam is kind of like calling a Dachshund a race horse because they are both brown and have four legs. But she does say If you ask me/ I’m gonna let you come in Miss Cassie which gets some serious points for being so plainly crass in a song 12-year-olds are probably going to learn all the words to.

Download: Cassie, “Stamina”

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  1. Denise says:

    Doesn’t she say “If you ask me I’m gonna let you call me Miss Cassie”?

  2. Ragga says:

    Sounds like call me Miss Cassie. Fader you must all be Prince fans cause u have a dirty mind. Burn.

    Maybe not.

  3. jcous says:

    out of all these new cassie songs, this is easily the best, but it’s really not a great group of material. i think it shows in how fast these songs keep leaking, as if the label’s looking for something to stick, but so far nothing has. makes me a bit sad, tho, cos when i heard “me and u” i thought she was gonna go through the roof and have a long, major career. i was also bummed at the-dream’s collabo with cassie, which felt totally phoned in. this songs feels like a britney spears comeback leftover – pretty fun, but not quite there…

  4. Bibi Dahl says:

    Me n U was the only good song. But everything else including her voice and image is WAY TOO MANUFACTURED.

  5. Music Girl says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! And she definitely says I’ma let you CALL me Ms Cassie!
    Get buck, cool off!