Video: Bat For Lashes, “Sleep Alone”

Every single video from FADER #59 cover star Bat For Lashes‘ latest album has topped the last for awesome creativity—it’s like the modern version of the old Michel Gondry/Björk collabos, each work like a journey into the many-tiered creative brain of Natasha Khan. This is a woman who writes albums about knights and diamonds and shit, so you know, not surprising, but still. This is about some OCD triangle art project, sneaking into these dudes’ studio wearing a Harriet the Spy raincoat, and making a robot friend from orange plexiglass. It is an art project about making an art project. Heads are spinning! Also, at one point she caresses a patch of a wolf howling at the moon that is affixed to her back jean pocket. (via Common)

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  1. ronan says:

    Wow, you really over sold that Julianne. I think you’ve a great future in writing press releases.

  2. Julianne Escobedo Shepherd says:

    oh yeah, i forgot it is not cool to like shit. my b!